Meet Sage!

The other half of the dynamic duo is Sage (that’s me).

I am also a wife and mother.  My husband is my best friend and an amazing man.  I have two beautiful children who make me smile every time I look at them (well, almost every time).  Just like Heather, I am a stay-at-home mom with a ton of free time…cough, cough…so we decided to homeschool our children.  I also run a small in-home daycare.  

I love sewing, specifically quilting, and Heather and I had this brilliant idea to start a business together.   When I am not chasing around toddlers or teaching a math lesson, I can usually be found in my sewing nook working on one project or another.  My kids also think a visit to the quilt store is the coolest thing ever and are on a first-name basis with the owner.  My daughter is already counting down the days until she is old enough to go to said quilt shop for sewing class.

My grandmother got me hooked on quilting when I was in high school.  She helped me create my first quilt, and always lets me raid her sewing books and fabric stash when I get to go visit her.  Ever since that quilt, I have loved working on various sewing projects and decided that The Rustic Rabbit is the perfect way for me to sew all the time without running out of room for everything.

While we do sell various items, our blog will mostly be tailored toward sharing free, fun ideas with you.  We hope you enjoy joining us on our journey!  Feel free to subscribe to our blog and like our FaceBook page to keep in touch with us!


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