We The People…Say Thank You

We The People….Say Thank You
Since I was a little girl, nothing could provoke tears and cause my throat to get choked quite like the sight of the American Flag and the sound of a group of people singing our national anthem.
In first grade, in the back of my History book, were several patriotic songs. I would sit in a little corner in my living room and I would proudly sing, “God Bless America” at the top of my lungs.
Perhaps it was because I was raised to cherish the beauty of freedom and respect the price of sacrifice, that the emblems of freedom cause emotion. My great great grandfather sacrificed his life in The Civil War for slaves to have freedom. My grandfather fought in World War I, my dad served by draft during peace time, and two of my uncles served in Vietnam.
So I started to take a look at today’s holiday – Memorial Day. A day to memorialize those who served our nation (us) to preserve our freedom. To remember those fallen ones who sacrificed all, reserving nothing for themselves, not even their precious lives. For others we memorialize the loss of limbs, vision or even their memory, for us….We The People.

Honor, respect, reverence, these are powerful words. In our mamby pamby society, we call freedom the ability to act like the latest version of Hollywood or look at things on the internet that really should bring back to mind the old children’s song, “Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.”
Freedom…we have watered down the definition and called it the ability to spout off stupidity and call it freedom of speech. I recall Solomon The Wise wrote these words, “Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps his lips quiet.” These “versions” or “definitions” of freedom are almost ridiculous as they cheapen the very fiber of our society.
There is nothing cheap or foolish about true sacrifice. Freedom counts the cost and is willing to take a risk, even if it mean sacrificing all. Freedom chooses self-control and wisdom. Freedom considers how to stay free for future generations. True freedom thinks before it speaks and it carefully guards what it sees lest it be taken captive.
So Memorial Day is to remember those who honored, respected, and reverenced freedom for perfect strangers and future generations.
Sitting by the pool, I look around at the children squealing with delight as they stand under fountains. I hear and see laughter, music, freedom. I look at the tan I have because I live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. A land that honors those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, so I can spend the day with my family in freedom and without fear. To you fallen ones, and you who sacrificed your bodies, I say……THANK YOU.


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