Time Flies

                                                                        Time Flies
In the car a week or so ago, The Little Boy decided to bring along a book of riddles. ” Hey, Mom.”
“Hey what, Little Boy?” I respond. “Why did the boy throw the clock out the window?” “I don’t know” was the words I chose to use. “Because he wanted to see time fly!” A chorus of giggles filled the car.
No one warned me to prepare my heart for letting go. Oh, the warnings were there, to savor the time, but not warning of the letting go process. The sweet  little white haired lady in the grocery store sucked in by the twinkle in the boys eye, looks at me and says, ” Oh, honey, enjoy these days, time flies!”
That boy is not little anymore. He is as I affectionately will refer to him, when I write, as The Big Boy. The Big Boy is no longer round, soft, and cuddly. He has sprouted hair on his chin and along the sides of his face, tall and lean, a man boy….should be the term.
He once was the baby that slept through the night from birth. Wide awake during the day, cooing and trying to communicate even at the ripe old age of eight weeks old, speaking in sentences at ten months. A thumb sucker, he would sit in his rocking chair with his blankie watching “Wee Sing Train” and “Veggie Tales.”
If you asked him at the age of two what he wanted to be when he grew up, “a worship leader” was the response he’d give, as he marched around the table strumming his little plastic broom like it was a guitar.
The gift of gab turned into a delightful mixture of humor and whit. He is very funny.
Looking back at the time that flew by, the questions tumble past. Does he really know how much we love him? Did we do all we could to train him and equip him for this next season of life? Will he be light in a dark generation? These questions will only be answered as more time flies by.
My heart is trying to catch up with reality as The Big Boy wraps up his Jr. High education and walks through the doors of high school.
From the moment our children are born, they capture our hearts, and we have to spend the rest of the days releasing them while savoring each moment we share with them.
You might be saying, “Savor?  Whatever! My kids are driving me crazy!!!” But in the scope of time, when you look back at the time that flew by, you will remember far more sweet memories than the less than glamorous crazy moments.
Like the sweet little white haired lady said, “Oh! Honey, enjoy these days, time flies.”

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