Laundry Room Refresh

 I might as well call it Mt. Everest. The pile of laundry that never ends. Wash, dry, fold….wash, dry, fold. No matter how much I hate the thought of running around naked, that horrible thought doesn’t change my mind about doing laundry. Washcloths that didn’t get rinsed, wrung and hung, leave an odor that I am not fond of.

Every time I would pull back the curtain on the shelf that housed the laundry supplies, it seemed that something would fall out…ENOUGH.
So I decided to change my life by changing my laundry room (if only it were that simple). I stood in the doorway starring, hoping that perhaps divine inspiration would simply fall down from the sky, giving me a love and passion for cleaning clothes.

 I simply became more frustrated until I decided…no more! Rolling up my sleeves, giving myself a pep talk, and turning up the music really loud, I set out to reorganize and beautify. Inspiration came slowly, but as I simplified all the cleaning supplies and organized, I began to feel better. With each dust bunny that I vacuumed, hope was birthed…maybe just maybe I could learn to like the laundry process.

Pinterest makes all things seem possible. All the beautiful, enchanted, magical laundry rooms that wash the clothes that are on there as well. So dreamy…OH!!!! SORRY!!! I must have fallen asleep:)

We had several people live with us this past year, and one of the purchases we made was an armoire from Ikea. I simply repurposed it for the laundry and cleaning supplies as well as a home for my handy dandy vacuum cleaner, broom and dust pan of which was homeless in the messy laundry room.

In the organizing process, I decided to rank the cleaners I like the most and only purchase the basics from now on. The simpler the better. That way even my six year old knows where the toilet bowl cleaner belongs. I have figured out to stick with what works and leave all the fancy labels at the store.

Generally, I make my own laundry soap. We have a well and our water has a lot of iron and minerals. The soap recipe that I use cuts all the unwanted odors and makes everything smell fresh. But time has been limited lately and so I have purchased soap instead.

I now have a place to hang a hand towel and write love notes to The Husband….hehe…multiple functioning items are always a plus!

The breakdown of the Refresh is this….four laundry baskets $3.47 each, S hooks $3.97 (two packages), two jars with chalkboard labels ($5.97 each). My grand total was $33.76 plus tax. Not bad a price to pay for an attitude adjustment.

I won’t exaggerate and say I LOVE doing laundry now. But it is a pleasure to be able to serve my family and at the same time enjoy the process. The best part about the whole refresh is the fact that I would spend quite a bit of time sorting laundry. Not anymore!!! All four of my children sort their clothes at the end of the day…all I have to do is put them in the washer, add soap and softener and it is on its way to cleanliness!

Although it may not be Pinterest Perfect….its Practically Perfect to me! And that’s what matters!!!


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