To Honor….’Tis so Sweet

There is something so sweet about friends and family gathered around the a well set table. As if the table is dressed in its Sunday best just for the sheer pleasure. Delicate dishes, lace, candles, silver, napkins, crystal and delicious food. But friends and family gathered around a table set with paper plates, plastic utensils and foam cups holds its own graciousness as well. Memories are made around a table, whether its a Happy Birthday, We will miss you, Congratulations, Holiday or everyday dinner.

One of my favorite dinners was set with paper plates after a very long day. The meal consisted of  hot dogs, baked beans and fresh cut veggies. The laughter around the table will forever be etched in my memory. Big Boy, in rare comedic form, had the whole family roaring with laughter.

Our home seems to be the hosting place, whether it’s a picnic, birthday or an out of town guest,  and it is more frequent than not to have the minimum of thirteen for dinner. We love every minute of it! What better way to express love to others than through good food and lovely conversation.

Recently, I had the privilege of hosting a birthday dinner for one of my favorite individuals! Can I say, I felt nothing but sheer joy as I planned, cleaned, prepared and cooked. But setting the table….that is my favorite part of hosting any kind of meal or party. BLISS…that is the only word that comes to mind. As a little girl, my mom had a set of Blue Willow dishes that belonged to my dad’s mom. I remember asking if I could have them when I got married. I would have tea parties and dress up…there are a lot of happy memories attached to those dishes. A birthday party for one of my favorites, with my favorite dishes, seemed like the perfect idea.

Having the privilege to honor someone I love is a passion of mine. Actually, just honoring others is one of the most fun ways I can think of to spend my time.


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