Mason Jar Crayon Organization

     I have a confession…I am slightly obsessed with mason jars.  Really, I am obsessed with any type of glass jar.  I mostly use them in the kitchen for food storage, but they are just so darn cute that I had to find another way to utilize them in my house.  I am pleased to admit that I did not break our motto of “Use what you already have” in the making of this post 😉

     My lovely children use crayons on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, and I am often asked, “Mom, where is my favorite red crayon?”  I didn’t know it was possible to have a favorite red crayon, but according to Dancing Queen, it is quite possible to have not only a favorite red crayon, but a favorite green, blue, and yellow one, too.  Anyway, my go-to response was, “Um…I’m not sure…go look in the crayon tower.”  Our crayon tower is our much-loved mishmash of crayons container.  But we somehow also have crayons stashed in other random spots all over the house.  With all that chaos, it is hard enough to find one red crayon, let alone a favored red one.

Mishmash pile

     I decided that the solution to (1) finding crayons and (2) using mason jars somewhere other than the kitchen would be to sort all of that mess by color.  You don’t really need directions for this project, as I am sure you, my dear reader, can sort by color.  Basically, I took 9 mason jars and put one color in each jar.  I combined white and black in one jar, and I have one jar for pencils and pens (because another statement I hear often is “Mom, I can’t find a pencil!!”).  I then tied a matching ribbon to each jar, just for fun.  I am missing a ribbon for my orange jar, as I had no orange ribbon on hand.

So colorful!!

Now, if only I could figure out how to keep The Hulk from destroying my masterpiece…


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