Random Thoughts

Heather here. As I write this, the two littles are sitting on the loveseat playing UNO. There is a lot of giggling and the volume button seems to be stuck on loud. I keep hearing myself shooshing, but why?  They can’t even hear me.

My eyes survey  the living room and my sight is met by messes shemesses. The big girl comes out of her room, messy hair, looking a little like a lion. “I feel a lot better!” she exclaims. This is good news since she was very sick the day before.

Now they are holding the cat, Lucy, and singing Frozen songs over the cat…..”Let her go, Let her go, can’t hold her back anymore!” A chorus of giggles ends the song. The cat escapes to freedom..

The Big Boy….still sleeping, will soon need to be awakened. Fingers crossed that his teenage hormones will feel happy today.

Must take a quick break to refill the coffee mug with “Heaven’s Goodness.” Someone should name a coffee blend with that name. When God created the coffee bean, it was with moms in mind…He said, “This will be my hugs and kisses for moms all over the earth each morning!” Maybe we have made it all too complicated…..Really, coffee IS His mercies that are new every morning! You know, Solomon the Wise was sitting with his “Wake up and Getterdun” coffee mug, writing Lamentations, because he had not had a sip of “Heaven’s Goodness” yet.

Little Boy comes in at full volume…..”Are you on the Predators or the Peahawks?” “Peahawks, what is that?” I ask. “The Peahawks!” comes the determined response. I laugh.

It all unravels so quickly…Little Boy starts to whine, will crossed, attitude suffers, disrespectful words follow. The Dad overhears….”Little Boy, apologize.” Little Boy throws himself to the floor…the apology is slow in coming. You can see the embarrassment on his face, the decision being made internally, whether he wanted to be right or to be humble.

“I’m sorry for being rude”…long pause…”Will you forgive me?”(prompted by The Dad). “Of course I will!” I respond.

This little scenario stirred the thoughts…when we wrong others by attitude or in word…do we want to be right and embarrassed or do we want to be humble and forgiven? “Will you forgive me?” Those words are like a reset button that resets hearts, attitudes, even atmospheres!

Hugs, kisses…Little Boy goes on to win a round of UNO!


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