Observations From A Waterside Lounge Chair

I sat….sitting…resting…watching. I like to watch…observe..view..take note of what is going on around me. Some days I like to pick my topic of observation…other days it just depends on what I notice most.

I have had a love for Sherlock Holmes and his powers of observation. It is easy to get lost in a mystery….seeing what is unseen to those who choose not to use their powers of noticing.

The sun was hot even for a 9:30 am water park adventure. Clouds were building – chance of rain 100%. Catching what rays I could while it was possible,needing a good daily dose of sun prescribed by my doctor, this morning was just what the doctor ordered. Lazy river and lounge chair were just my speed today.

As I sat…sitting…resting…I noticed. All the people, all the swimsuits, tats galore, different nationalities, languages being spoken that I didn’t understand. I decided to pick for my observation today body type, which was a unique experience. There was big, tall, short, wide, smooth, wrinkly, young, old. One man, specifically, who was very, very proud of his physique..strutting around like a proud peacock, a lady with him being quite happy to show off her cut abs. It was a delightful smorgasbord of differences. I was enamored by all the different shapes and sizes.

I started to think….when I look at others..no matter what I see, whether its wrinkles, muscle, fat, a tat, etc….people are beautiful. Each one is fearfully and wonderfully made. Most seemed to be very busy having fun, not caring what others thought of them and how they look. I realized that I have spent far too much time worrying about what people might think of me in a swimsuit or even fully dressed for that matter! Everyone of us is beautiful in a different way. No two people are the same shape, size, or personality. No other person on earth can be you. No one else can or ever will be able to take your place! No one can fulfill your purpose you were created for. Just as every snowflake is different…every person ever created since the beginning of time has been unique in design and purpose. Each having their own beauty, and even hang ups. I noticed, in my noticing, all the different styles, colors and types of swimsuits that were on all the unique body types, each one expressing a wee bit of who they are. Beautiful!

That 100% chance of rain was quite accurate, hard drops pelting our faces as we ran to the car, streaks of lightening ending today’s sun soaking session. But what a day of observations from a lounge chair!


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