Fireworks, Watermelon, Picnics

The 4th of July is upon on us once again. Tents set up on the side of the road with FIREWORKS FOR SALE written on large flashy signage. Watermelons gracing fruit stands at the local markets. Some, in the spirit of picnicking, load their picnic baskets with all sorts of cookout goodies and head of to the beach or local parks. Still others choose to sit at home by the pool visiting with family and friends. Really there is no wrong way to celebrate.

I do hope that we take a moment in our day of celebration to recall what we are celebrating. July 4th, is the day set aside as the Day of Independence.

A couple of years ago I had the privilege to take Big Boy to Washington D.C.. I have already told you about my love for this country in a previous post, but I was so excited to be able to participate in the reading of the names on the Vietnam War Memorial, and to tour the Capital . As we walked through the Capital Building and The National Archives, The Lincoln Memorial and the rest, I was impressed with this thought. There has never been a time in history when the light of freedom hasn’t been at risk to be dimmed or extinguished. It is good to remind ourselves that evil has always existed since the birth of our nation and it is up to the brave to shine truth and freedom, expelling the darkness.

Those that signed the document, that declared our freedom from England, in the summer of 1776, were 56 in total. Some were statesmen, slave holders, soldiers, and even a scoundrel or two. Some were affluent and rose to sit in governmental positions in the infancy stage of the country. Others signed with great cost, paying the price through the seizing of their lands and homes. One was poisoned by a family member, and another killed in a duel. Prison, lost at sea and a broken heart were the fates of some. One that is rather famous will be remembered for his brews.  All of these brave souls, regardless of social status, counted the cost and signed their names to the Declaration of our Independence.

In the winning or keeping of freedom, comes cost and great responsibility. It is a privilege not an entitlement. We are here today celebrating the birthday of our nation, because others paid a price. So celebrate!!! Fireworks, Watermelon, Picnics…”HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!”


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