Words are Seeds

The sun….waking…its golden rays beginning to spread across the meadow in its warmth and glory…causing the shadows of the night past to scatter. Warmth could be felt on the face of the Psalmist as he begins to pluck the strings of his harp. His voice, soft and soothing to his keep, bleats of contentment responding to the sound they hear. His heart swelling with joy from the sights of the morning….he sings these words: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.”

Words are seeds or weeds, sow carefully.

What kind of harvest do I want to have? What kind of future, hope, destiny, marriage or even finances? It is determined in the here and now with the kind of seed I am planting. What kind of future do I want my children to have? The power is in my word.

I can recall a time in my life, I caught myself sighing loudly, my ears would hear these seeds..”I am soooo tired.” Actually I wasn’t tired, but do you know what happened? Can you guess? I became tired. My words sowed the weed of weariness. Fear somehow grabbed hold of my tongue and caused my lips to speak its ugly lies….you can guess the result…A FEAR WEED.

There appears to be at times, a battle over which type of seed is sown…fruit bearing seed or a weed bearing seed. Today is the day that I plant for a future harvest….so I must choose carefully today which seeds will be planted.

20150611_205716 (3)

As a child, I spent many hours attached to the hip of my dad, an avid gardener. I can recall two very important elements to the rules of gardening. If we wanted to harvest corn…corn seed would be what was planted, if green beans were desired, it was impossible to plant zucchini and get the desired green beans. I had to plant the right kind of seed. No gardener in their right mind would sow weeds!! The second thing I can recall is fertilizing and watering the seed we planted.

Looking back at the Psalm….if words are seeds, then perhaps the meditations of our heart is the fertilizer and water. What are we nourishing our seeds with? Is our fertilizer and water going to nourish or poison our potential harvest? If the meditations of our heart are acceptable to the Lord, then a well nourished bumper crop will be harvested.

I want to choose carefully what the garden of my life looks like and what kind of fruit grows there. Sweet, tender, and beautiful – no more thorny, pokey thistles.

We all get to choose what our lives will look like. Do we want to be broke or prosperous? Do we want to be lonely or a great relationship builder? Do we want to be overweight or healthy and full of vitality? It is all determined by the seed in our mouths and the fertilizer of our hearts.

The spoken word could quite possibly be the most powerful force in the universe. Genesis tells the story of God speaking and there was light. That word was spoken at the dawn of creation, and it is still creating today. Scientist tell us that the universe is still expanding, light is still creating galaxies. He created the world with His spoken word….what if we create worlds with our spoken word? We are made in His image and likeness. What worlds are we creating with our words? Are we sowing the garden of our hearts with weed seed, growing thorns and thistles, making us all prickly and miserable? Or are we sowing seeds of life, joy, prosperity, peace and abundance in the garden of our hearts, creating beauty and endless possibilities?20150611_205716 (2)

Words are seeds or weeds, sow carefully.


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