Building a Home Library

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about Creating a Read Aloud Household. Today, I want to share some ways you can start building a home library.   Our local library isn’t the greatest, and I am horrible at returning books and usually end up with large fees. Buying books has just been our way of avoiding paying for something I can’t own. Research also suggests that children surrounded by books in the home do better and go farther in school than those who don’t have books at home, regardless of a parent’s education level or income.


Start with a good list. Browsing on Pinterest will result in several great book lists (try searches like “top read alouds,” “book lists for girls,” “book lists for boys,” etc.). I love the books suggested on Simply Charlotte Mason, too. The Mensa for Kids list is also a great place to begin.


Don’t feel like you have to buy all at once. I slowly add to our library as I find books. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, add books to your total to give you free shipping. Make buying books a kind of priority. Set a goal (like purchasing one book per 2 weeks, etc.), and aim to achieve it. If you drink Starbucks 2-3 times a week, you are already spending enough to have purchased at list one book. Books are also given here as presents and rewards.


Buy used. It amazes me how many times I find great deals on used books. I shop Better World Books often, and they frequently send out coupon codes. I also check out the book section in our local kids consignment shop and can usually find at least one gem for an incredible price.


Put books everywhere within reach. You can find at least one book in every room in our house. You can even find books in our cars. Making the books available will increase the chances that your child will pick up a book to read it.Photo


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