When I Grow Up

20150614_122338 The roses on the trellis are spectacular in their dark pink glory. The geraniums, and all the purples, reds, yellows, and pinks showing off. It’s just as I remember. A different house, but the keepers are the same, The air lacks the suffocating humidity that Florida possesses…dry air…hot sun…are swift to jolt my memory and remind me of who they are.20150614_122346

Walking through the back door into the house…sights and smells are just as I left them neatly tucked in my memory seven years ago.

The Keepers of the house, kind and welcoming, are perhaps a wee bit greyer, but that simply means they are wiser. Their hospitality, warmth, nurture and love are just as I remember as well!

20150614_122357Scents that stir….teasing the taste buds..as if to whisper…”Come on, Wake up, we are about to celebrate!” Taste buds coming to life are not disappointed in the least, remembering well the flavors they enjoy.

Soft, friendly and silky she greets me at the door…”Come play”, she beacons, with a stuffed squirrel complete with a squeaker hanging from her mouth. The dog, Jamaica, is quick to become my friend.

The Keepers, Coach and Momma as I shall affectionately call them are of the highest caliber of individuals. Coach…who is inspiring and compassionate, generous, encouraging, fatherly, and full of good council…seems to be the same as when I packed my bags and said good-by last. Quickly and easily we pick up where we left off, where last we saw each other. Advice, council and prayer is always good when Coach is offering them.20150614_123825

And then there is Momma…I think I have heard myself say on several occasions since walking into the house… I want to be like you when I grow up! Strength, stability, grace, love, compassion, creativity and safety are simply a few words that come to mind as I write about her. Godliness, standards, protection, council all belong on the bio of who she is. I have known only one other individual such as Momma in my lifetime. I supposes the earth can only handle two of the caliber at the same time. There is something deep in her that inspires me to want to love, nurture, bless, create and like her. She creates safety…safety for one to simply be themselves without air or false pretense….to simply be me. She should start a restaurant and call it “LOVE MADE FROM SCRATCH”, because it not only sums up her talents in the kitchen, but her life as well. Her love is like a homemade meal made from scratch…it is food to the soul and nourishment to the body!

When I Grow Up….I want to look like her!


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