Ready, Set, Go

The aisles are laden with new packages of pencils, cap erasers, notebooks and all sorts of educational tools and goodies. Back to school signs seem to be everywhere.

There always  seem to be an excitement and anticipation in the air this time of year. With the beginning of school, comes the promise of cooler temperatures and fall festivities. As my hairdresser mentioned today, ” And then the holidays are upon us!” YIKES…..but, back to school starting…a few weeks ago, The Husband and I made the decision to keep all four of our children home this year…YIKES! AGAIN! Although I am not a newbie to homeschooling….as I am a product of such an education…I still have had some anx. The Big Boy enters high school, Big Girl is entering seventh grade, Little Girl…third and Little Boy…second. I felt a little overwhelmed in the planning and purchasing of curriculum, but I decided to stop fretting, roll up my sleeves and decorate! LOL…I figured nothing gets my creative juices flowing and makes me think clearer than when I am cleaning and decorating.

We have a room that has changed uses multiple times since purchasing our home four years ago. It was a media room, then a craft room, and then a rented room, and then a guest room (very briefly) and now it serves as the office for The Husband’s business, with a desk for me to use to blog and sew.

Going back to my motto this past year….use what you have…I gave the room new life…by rearranging so I would have a place to shelve newly acquired curriculum and school the children when The Husband is out doing business.


Perhaps there is still a wee bit of anx, but mainly excitement now that I have cleaned my doubts away. We stand on the threshold of new opportunities, new concepts and fresh adventures! 20150820_153014

20150820_153026 20150820_153410 20150820_153525


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