Libib Review

In shelves. On dressers. In baskets. On desks. In beds. On tables. Books are spied in pretty much every spot you look in our home. We are all voracious readers, and books rank as the most affluent item in our house. However, this proclivity for attaining new books has lead to a problem. Countless times, I have found myself staring at a magnificent row of books in our Children’s Consignment shop or in our Friends of the Library book room pondering whether or not we have that copy of The Courage of Sarah Noble.   I needed a system for keeping track of the books we own that I could easily access on the go. Enter the Libib App and website. This program is simply amazing and is completely free!


Easy to use, Libib helps me keep track of the books in our personal library. As an added bonus, I can create up to 100 libraries for the different types of books we have. I have one for each Story of the World volume so I can track the books that belong in each period. I have one for each year of Literature. I even have a Curriculum List, where I have all of the curriculum we own listed. I have not entered all of my homeschool items, but so far, every curriculum I have is listed. Being able to track my homeschool materials was an added boon that I was thrilled to discover. In total, you can store 100,000 books, so I am not afraid I will be running out of space any time soon.

Two other features I absolutely love are the Tag feature and the Group feature. I use the Tag feature for marking my ebooks. I prefer hard copy books generally, but will sometimes purchase ebooks. As with my hard copy books, I tend to forget what I own, and this feature has made it easy to see which ebooks I have available. I also Tag the location of the book. As mentioned at the beginning, books are often strewn all over, so tagging the location makes it easy to locate. If I am looking for Tales of the Odyssey, Part 1, I search the title in Libib and the tag tells me where it should be. The Group feature is lovely, too. I really only use it in the Curriculum List, but it has made sorting books in that library easy. I can group books by any category I want. For Curriculum List, I have groups for Geography, Math, etc.

A peek at my Libib library in the App.

A peek at my Libib library in the App.

Books are easy to enter into the system, too. Using the App on my iPad or iPhone, I can actually scan the barcode on the back of the book, and it is automatically added to the library I selected. In the App, is is not possible to search a book by keyword, but that can be done in the Website. So far, that little inconvenience is the only problem I have encountered while using Libib. Considering the fact that the service is free, I find the problem more than easy to handle. It even tracks video games, music, and movies, too, although I have not even begun to use those aspects. Overall, I highly recommend using Libib to track you personal library. Free, well-done, and just all around amazing, you really cannot go wrong.

*I was not sponsored in any way for this review. I just happened to stumble upon Libib, fell in love, and wanted to share it with all of you! Hope you enjoy as much as I do 😉


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