Human Anatomy Unit Week 1

This school year is shaping up to be an amazing one. We have made several changes to both curricula and methods, and we are having a smooth, fun-filled year. We have also had to cut down on homeschool expenses this year by quite a lot, so I have been making a lot of my own resources and implementing free quality ones I can find. We are getting ready to start a unit on the Human Body, and I thought I would share my plans with you. I will post about each section as we go. I do have a master document with my personal notes you can access here, but it may not be decipherable to anyone other than me;) I will work on a more reader-friendly version of all of the Section plans as time allows. Our main text was only $12.50, and all of the other resources are ones we already owned. I did incorporate Bill Nye videos because DQ loves them. We do not own these, but they are currently running on Netflix, and even our less than stellar library has all of the episodes.


DK First Human Body Encyclopedia

My Body by Teacher Created Resources

Free Matchcard Sets for Anatomy and Nutrition

Magic School Bus DVDs

Bill Nye Videos

Projects from Pinterest (See my Human Anatomy Board)

Quiz sheets made by yours truly (no Quiz for the last 3 sections)

We spend around 2 hours per week on Science. I don’t make set lesson plans. We just work for a total of 2 hours (one hour per Science Day), and I make note of what we accomplish. Each unit plays out about the same. We sit together and buddy read the text. This method gives DQ the chance to ask me any questions as we read. We then work on our life-size body model and any worksheets I have. We also make vocabulary cards. The video/s come next, followed by an experiment or project if I have one (previously set up in Science bin so I just pull it out whenever we need it) and my homemade Review Worksheet. With this Review Worksheet, I have DQ answer as many as she can on her own. If she has any questions left unanswered, we sit together and look up the answer in the tex.t. Often, more than one video is listed. You can choose to watch all or just one. We normally watch all because DQ really loves them, and it makes my life a little easier.

DQ working on her life-size model.

DQ working on her life-size model.

Lesson Plans

Section 1: Introduction to the Human Body

  • Read pages 4-11 in DK First Human Body Encyclopedia
  • Trace body onto large piece of paper to begin Body Model
  • Complete Matchcard Worksheet 1 from Human Anatomy set
  • Make flashcards for Vocabulary words (Anatomy, genes, cell, nucleus, organ)
  • Watch Magic School Bus Goes Cellular (Season 6)
  • Watch Bill Nye Cells
  • Watch Bill Nye Genes
  • Build model of an animal cell. General instructions found here.
  • Review Worksheet
DQ working on Animal Cell model.

DQ working on Animal Cell model.

If you find any mistakes, please let me know so I can make changes.


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